10 of the best content marketing and social media blogs from this week

socialThe creation and sharing of media online is a hugely important part of marketing for brands. Here I have gathered 10 of the best articles relating to social media and content marketing from this week.

1. Is social media measurement still a new tool for you? Asks Adam Singer:

Adam shares 4 ideas that marketers should consider regarding social media measurement. This is in preparation for their new up and coming ‘introduction to social measurement webinar’.

2. Five of the worst social media manager stereotypes, by Michelle Kraker:

Michelle reveals some common misconceptions relating to people’s opinions on the role of social media managers. She believes that working in the social media world is harder than it is often perceived to be.

3. Always be prepared for business crises, says Andrew Gothelf:

Andrew provides 10 tips that can help brand experts in disaster relief. He believes that considering many brands are now using social media, it’s critical to have a ‘command and response’ matrix to help solve issues before they get worse.

4. What’s the difference between social media and social business? Asks Andrew Grill:

Andrew proves that there is a strong difference between these two concepts despite them being very closely linked. He also reveals how you can apply many insights provided by social media to transform your organisation into a social business.

5. How to increase your chances of promoting your marketing event, by Michael Stelzner:

Despite the size of your event, Michael believes social media can be your best friend when trying to spread the word. He provides 10 inspiring ways to try and advertise your events online, including interviewing some of your key speakers to leak some special content.

6. Social media might not be all it is cracked up to be, says Mark Ritson:

Mark explains how some brands are now discovering that some of the more traditional methods of marketing could in fact be creating a better ROI than the use of social media. However he makes it clear that this doesn’t make social media worthless, it’s just becoming less of a superior method in the marketing mix.

7. How to increase your engagement on Twitter, by Daniel Zeevi:

Daniel believes it is vital for businesses to master their use of Twitter to raise their brand awareness.  He looks at retweets, interaction, hashtags and how to increase engagement with a variety of different tricks and tips.

8. Trend spotting in the social media wild, by Bob Geller:

Bob highlights how marketers can identify valuable information online that allows you to spot the latest trends related to your market and your consumers. He gives some examples of free services that can point you in the right direction.

9. 10 ways journalism has shifted and how to adapt, by Amanda Nelson:

Amanda looks at how journalism has also had to adjust to all things digital in a social media world. She reveals 10 ways that journalism has changed after being influenced by social media and what this means for publications and brands.

10. Create a social philosophy to humanise your brand, says John Cade

John believes it is vital that brands create a clear philosophy with their employees.  He thinks that strategies for organisations are extremely important and that you should measure them against what you believe social media can do for your company.

All of these articles are in my top 10 as they are engaging and inspiring in different ways. Have you read any memorable blogs in the world of marketing this week? Contact me if you would like to share them @Megwhdigital


Meg is a Marketing Undergraduate at Newcastle University. She is currently assisting White Horse Digital with their Content Marketing Daily website- blogging about the latest social media and content marketing trends.

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