10 social media & content marketing blog posts from this week

content & socialIt’s always good to have a look at what other people in the field are doing and saying. This week we decided to take a look and publish extracts from 10 of the best content marketing blog posts we’ve read so far.

1. Snack sized content from Jeff Bullas:

Jeff’s article provides 5 types of ‘snack size’ content for social media marketing. He looks at how marketers are creating platforms that a getting shorter and quicker, including the rise of mini-video clips for mobile devices. He gives advice on how to compress blogs, info graphics, video, images and quotes to effectively engage with consumers online.

2. Proof that content marketing actually works from Deborah Bates:

Aware that marketers want proof that content marketing actually works, Deborah shares factual evidence with viewers showing that she too recognises the importance of content and how it can improve your business prospects.

3. A 3-step guide to writing interesting & engaging blogs by Elizabeth Maness:

Elizabeth shows us different methods that can help marketing professionals write in ways that are interesting and engaging. She gives three steps that should ‘spice up’ content marketing and will hopefully allow you to continue attracting your loyal readers and consumers.

4. How to keep your content fresh from Mike Alton

Within the digital marketing industry blogging is becoming increasingly important, however maintaining a consistent level of providing new information as well as keeping up to date with other people’s blogs can be a challenge. Mike addresses this problem with his own solution; a personal blog template.

5. The 7-Cs of social media by Rebecca Radice: https://twitter.com/RebekahRadice

Rebecca looks at how social media can provide companies with a way of creating an online presence via developing more meaningful conversations. Her 7 C’s- curious, creative, connected, consistent, coordinated, current and capitalise could help brands provide better interactive dialogue online.

6. How Twitter is changing and how it will effect you from Laurence O’Bryan:

Two new changes are potentially going to be made to Twitter. Laurence discusses a shift in Twitter and the possible effect of these new and upcoming features to this social networking site.

7. Warts and all look at brands not engaging with social media effectively by Heidi Cohen:

Heidi realises that although ‘90% of brands use some form of social media’, not all of them are being put to good use. She provides factual information and graphs to show that many brands are not engaging with social media in an appropriate way and raises people’s awareness of this problem.

8. How social media is awakening the after life technology from Jeremiah Owyang:

This article focuses on the link between social media and after-life policies. It gets you thinking about the broader effects of social media and its impacts on society, business, family and also law.

9. Do you need a social media managers? Mandy Edwards thinks you do:

Mandy reveals how a social media manager could be a great solution to keeping on top of replying to followers and posting regularly. She includes 4 reasons as to why your business needs a social media manager, one being that it’s someone to frequently respond and engage with your customers and clients.

10. Lessons in listening from Brian Solis:

Brian discusses how customers are demanding that business are engaging and listen to their ideas through various social media platforms, however consumers do not always welcome these good intentions and apparently many were not aware that brands were even listening to them.

If you have read any blogs you think we should include here on our site contact me at @MegWhdigital



Meg is a Marketing Undergraduate at Newcastle University. She is currently assisting White Horse Digital with their Content Marketing Daily website- blogging about the latest social media and content marketing trends.

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3 Responses to “10 social media & content marketing blog posts from this week”

  1. Zack54 says:

    Alright, these are all relevant. But #9 really? We still need to discuss that? Of course you need Social media managers! That’s why there are social media training sessions, social media seminars, all kinds of social media activity. If you want to be successful, you can’t rely on just learning something about this new space. You need people who specialize in social media and know what they’re doing.

  2. Meg, Thanks so much for sharing my ideas with your readers! I’m loving the articles your referenced! I’m sharing and you are so sweet to include my work! Thank you!

  3. Richard D says:

    Very interesting article article Meg! Sometimes it is just as effective to re-purpose old content to maximise its lifespan, allowing as many different people as possible can gain from it…you might want to have a look at this event im going to next week http://b2bmarketing.net/events/content-marketing-breakfast-briefing …they are going to be talking about all the different challenges facing content marketers and how they are overcoming these issues…I hope this helps.

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