13 tips for creating the perfect email for mobile

Email on the desktop is dead. Or so some may say. But it’s had a revival on the smartphone and tablet.  Mobile has given the email “a shot in the arm” says Lorenzo Vasini from ORM London.

Smartphone and tablet users are more switched on with emails as they are connected 24/7 – a stat from iContact, says that 72%  users check their inbox more than six times a day – starting as early as 7am.

As this lovely infographic from ORM London shows that the smartphone and tablet owners are using their commute to filter and check their burgeoning inbox – starting from 7am.


During this period people quickly check messages, send holding responses, clocking anything interesting to reopen later at their desks and then delete the rest.

So the pressure is on for marketers to create content that is personalised, tailored and quick to read reflect this new consumer of email.

Companies that get this combination right are rewarded by greater click through rates and brand loyalty with fans.

Domino’s Pizza is one brand that’s got email for mobile right.  Using data, combined with sophisticated personalisation, it targets mobile users at specific times of the day to increase conversion rates.

Its “4 for 2” offers, sent to a specific demographic on the afternoon of a premier league football match, have massive click through rates. With £10m of sales via its iPhone app since 2007 and a massive 500,000 app downloads – we can all take a leaf out of its book.

Here are 13 ways you can create email for mobile too:

1. Keep your subject line short, snappy and to 30 characters or under.

2. Give the recipient a reason to open – such as a daily deal/money off/something for today.

3. Create vertical text – this makes it easy to scroll down.

4. Incorporate pictures for added emotional engagement.

5. Include “calls to action buttons” – such as press here/share now/donate here/buy now.

6. Have a responsive template – for mobile and tablet users.

7. Track, record and understand the user’s behaviour – are the emails opened on mobile then reopened on desktop?

8. Don’t use a person’s name in the title – it’s their account, their inbox, they know their own name.

9. Ensure all the links you include work.

10. If your main/payment site’s not been optimised for mobile – don’t direct people there.

11. Craft a tailored and personal email. Don’t be too impersonal or generic – people expect more.

12. Be smart. For example if someone has just bought a coat – they don’t want to be emailed about other types of coats.

13. Never use FW: in your subject to imply it’s come from a trusted source – just makes you look desperate and devalues your email.


Juliet is a former Guardian journalist now a digital communicator. She blogs about content marketing, mobile trends, social media and web personalisation.

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